To Make A Padded King Size Bed Headboard

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Carved King Size Bed Headboard

King size bed headboard – You need ¾ inch plywood panel, 80- by -48 inches; spray adhesive; four rolls pattered; fabric, 95- by -60 inches; staple gun; two wall brackets; stud search; measuring tape and screws. Starting with determine the height you prefer for the headboard. The materials listed here are for a padded headboard measuring 80 inches long and 4 meters high. Standard king beds are 76 inches long, so this padded headboard adds 2 inches to each side of the mattress edge. The height is too effective. You can make a less eye-catching 2 or 3 meter high headboard.

Find in the wall and mark the plywood edge to match the location of the buds. Determine how high you want to place your king size bed headboard. And install wall brackets for plywood and the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, cut the plate to match the plywood, add 2 inches along the edge, so your edges are also upholstered. Place the plywood on a flat surface and lightly spray it with glue.

Place the platter on the top of the glue and press down. For more padding, add another layer of glue and paddle on top of the first. Let the glue dry. Lay your fabric face down on a flat surface. Place padded plywood face down in the middle of the fabric. Last, start in the middle of one of the 80-inch pages. Pull the fabric up over the edge of the plywood and plate wrap and shorten it. Pull the fabric tight. But not too tight as you work your way around the edge of the king size bed headboard, staple every ¼ inch or so. Flip the headboard over and hang it in place.

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