To Build Queen Size Platform Bed Plans

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Diy Queen Size Platform Bed Plans

Queen size platform bed plans – To build queen size platform bed plans, you need: 2 planks, 1 inch with 18 inches by 78 inches; 2 planks, 1 inch with 18 inches by 60 inches; 2 plywood sheets, 3/4 inch with 78 inches by 30 inches. Chain saw; drilling machine; screwdriver; 22 L-hinges with associated screws. Also wood screws, 2 inches long; 5 hinges with associated screws; sandpaper, course and fine grain; bets or color; brush.

To build queen size platform bed plans, starting with cut the plank and plywood to the required lengths of your chainsaw. Sand all faces in your wood with coarse sandpaper. Set a 78-inch plank and a 60-inch plank together in an L-shape. With the end of the longer plank bordering towards the shorter. Attach them with two L-hinges as in the inside corner. Each stag as 3 inches from any edge planks. At the free end of the 78-inch plank, set the other 60-inch plank against. Attached to two L-holders as before. Slide the other 78-inch plank between the two 60-inch planks.

Parallel to the first 78-inch plank and 20 inches away from it. Attach two L-holders in each corner, as before. Lay the plywood sheet down on top of the frame you have built. Side by side with its outer edges as well as the outer edge of the frame. Screw down the plywood board resting on the open side of the frame with a wooden screw for each corner. Run screws through the plate and into the edge of the shelf below. Connect the second leaf to the first with your five hinges. Screw the hinges into place with the screws provided. Attach the screws at 6 inches, 26 inches, 40 inches 54 inches, and 74 inches from one edge. Sand outside faces your queen size platform bed plans with a fine sandpaper. Paint or bet as desired.

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