Tips For Choosing Faded Area Rug

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Beautiful Faded Area Rug

Faded area rug – The first step to choosing the best area rug for your space is to consider its function. Assess how much traffic it will receive, if necessary to be comfortable for bare feet or small children, and whether it will endure pets or food waste. This type of assessment will help you choose the best material for your area rug. Low-pile stain-resistant carpets are best for high-traffic areas or busy families, while those seeking comfort may prefer to invest in a wool rug with a soft texture.

Decide if you want the rug to be a standout design element or if you prefer to fade into the background. When choosing an area rug to a room, you have already decorated, taking your design cue from the existing furniture and colors. Choose a solid-color carpet in a tone similar to your floor if you do not want the rug to draw much attention. Buying a rug that complements the main colors of furniture or wall paint, if you want it to stand out. Stay with the basic design of the rest of the room when choosing a faded area rug.

Do not wait until you are in the store to decide on the rug size. Guessing wrong can be costly and inconvenient. It is not enough to know the size of the room, then you probably are not in the market for a room-sized area rug. Measure the space you want blanket to cover. If you cannot find an area rug in these dimensions, buy one that’s slightly larger rather than smaller. This will give you more versatility in furniture placement, since you do not want to displace the furniture around a too-small rug. If you buy a faded area rug to a large room that is used for more than one function, such as a family room and dining room combination.

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