Simple Steps To Make A Rustic Bed

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Awesome Rustic Bed

Rustic bed – Starting with measures the height and size of the desired bed and tests it against the space where you will put the bed. Mark the corners on the floor with a pencil. Size corner posts, deck boards and mattress fit your brands, as well. Begin your design with frame. Adjust the four positions where they will stand at the four corners of the bed. Have a friend help you hold the posts in place and double-check your goal. Line up the boards that you will use for the bed platform lengthwise from top to bottom. Adjust the corner posts and their respective floor markings.

Attach the two positions that will form the headboard and baseboard by nailing two suitable measured two-by-fours to the posts in the form of an X. Nail a board on the inside and on the outside of the frame. Add boards to the bed platform along across the two-by-fours to create your deck. Stitch the ends of each board to positions and two adjacent -by- fours until the entire platform is stable. Testing to ensure that all times are solid by leaning on the frame, and shake. At this point, you can add another level or semi-level platform boards under your rustic bed to form a bunk bed or storage area.

Put your headboard baseboard and rails. Use dead hardwood branches for a more rustic look. Look for pieces that have legs still attached at the appropriate angle to sit flush with your bed. Prepare the tree by distressing or sanding to get a professional rustic finish. Fasten the rails with nails, wood glue and wood screws. Put your mattress on the rustic bed frame and test for stability.

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