Rugs With Fringe Are Chic!

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Finishing Rugs With Fringe

Rugs with fringe – Just looking at them makes you want to get out of bed and put your feet on a rug like this. The carpets fringes trapillo can do with grid, simply cutting and knotting the discard them, but there is another way that seems equally easy. Today we share a material from a magazine with diagrams to make a carpet with fringes, round shape, but that can be done with various shapes, as we sew the knotted trap.

How to rugs with fringe? We cut equal pieces of trapillo and tie them to a long strip by lark knots. We put them tightly and, once made a long stretch, we proceed to sew it from the back, giving it the desired shape. If we have a ball, we can enlarge it without problems and without complicating much cutting or sewing.

I guess it can be sewn by machine, in the same way as the baskets of rope and trapillo, with the advantage that in this case we have no rope and we do not run the risk of breaking needles. I found it very simple, and the result will be pretty much like any carpet of fabric fringes. When finished, trim to match the rugs with fringe. And so we have a fluffy trapillo fringe mat to put next to the bed for the winter days.

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