On A Budget King Size Race Car Bed

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King Size Race Car Bed For Girls

King size race car bed – Many children have an enthusiasm for racing cars. Shop-bought racing car beds can cost more than you want to spend on a piece of furniture as the child can grow (either physically or mentally) in a few years. Wanna much more convenient solution? So, do the bed yourself by changing your king size bed the child is already sleeping in.

You do not need professional level skills to build a king size race car bed frame for your child’s room. All that is require is some basic joinery skills. Also basic computer skills and a weekend to get the job done. However, despite several steps, some rather complicated, the project is well within reach of beginners to middle-level do-it-yourself practitioners.

Meanwhile, the preparations before starting this king size race car bed project is important. So, before do the project, please sand faces all your work with coarse slip paper. Sand a face on each sheet of plywood with fine slip paper. Also apply a layer of white color to all sides of your work. And surf the Internet while waiting for the color to dry. Find a profile picture of a racing car that your child likes. Download it to your computer.

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