How To Clean Silken Shag Rug

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Luxury Silken Shag Rug

How To Clean Silken Shag Rug – silken shag rug are popular in many areas of the home, because they add some fun floor while being soft on the feet. Since these rugs have long shag silken, food crumbs and other debris quickly get deep into the carpet, often gets lost with the naked eye. This makes it important to give the carpet a thorough cleaning at times that will get rid of all the hidden buildup

To clean silken shag rug you will need; vacuum cleaner, baking soda, and broom. The first shake small rugs outdoors to get rid of loose crumbs. Skip this step if the carpet is too big to handle. Sprinkle a powder of baking soda over the carpet, and the recovery work deep within the carpet fibers with a broom. Brush broom downwardly so that baking soda can penetrate embedded soil. Then let sit for 15 minutes.

Vacuum the silken shag rug. Stay away from all seams carpet borders because this can tear the seam. Run vacuum front and back of each section of the carpet about four times, as this will clean the carpet, plus restore fluffy pile. Move the carpet in different directions at times and moving furniture and to even out the amount of wear carpet gets.

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