Eastern King Vs California King Bed Size

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California King Bed Size Dimensions

California king bed size – An Eastern king-size bed has a 76-inch 80-inch long mattress and is typically just a king size mattress. A California King Size Bed has a 72-inch 84-inch long mattress. This is the largest bed in the United States. The eastern king bed is typically considered equal to two long single size beds with four extra inches of width. So it takes up plenty of space; but there is plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably.

The eastern king is four inches wider than California king and is popular for larger sleepers and couples who want to spread out and have extra comfort. The California king bed size is four inches longer than the Eastern king bed. And is popular with senior sleepers who find the traditional king for short for comfort. When shopping for sheets and linens, the eastern king size bed will labeled as ‘king size’ alone.

While finding longer bedding, it is necessary to special order for California king bed size. Both beds were create with the intention of helping higher and larger than average sleepers. And even those who just like to spread out, with more space than a queen size mattress. While the Eastern and California king bed size may seem to have many differences, in fact, the differences are just a few inches apart.

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