Diy King Size Bed Frame: Should Be Knowing

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Diy King Size Bed Frame Four Poster

Diy king size bed frame – Instead of spending money on an expensive bed, make your own simple platform frame to use together with king size bed. King beds are the largest mattress option, about 80 inches in length and 76 inches wide. Making your own bed is not as difficult as it sounds and with a few tools you can do the frame for a couple of hours. When you make the frame, dress it up with a blanket for a complete look.

The tree that the diy king size bed frame will built needs to be robust. Because king size mattresses are especially heavy. And the weight of you and who else will sleep in bed will only increase overall weight significantly. Lighthouse, cedar or redwood is a good choice. As they are robust, durable and attractive when part of the bedroom decor. The color of the tree will also play a role in what kind of tree you choose.

Metalstel can also  bought and assembled for art size beds, but they can be quite expensive. King size mattresses have a standard length of 76 inches long by 80 inches long. So these dimensions need to be planned for where the bed will installed. But, maybe you also want to plan for the dimensions of the diy king size bed frame that holds the mattress up? Or surrounds the mattress together with a headboard? So, which will add another four to four inches on each side.

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