Twin Car Bed: Truck Bed For Kids

Twin car bed – The realization of a truck bed for your little one who loves trucks will help him roll into dreamland night after night. The bed can be a dump truck, pickup, semi or any other kind of truck the child likes. The easiest way to make a truck bed is to use a regular twin. Or full size bed with a truck-shaped headboard.

Twin Car Bed With Light

If you want the whole twin car bed to look like a truck, it will take extra time. Also creativity and woodworking skills. No matter what your child may be expected to end up with a one of a kind bed. For good advice and warnings: Make headboard more interesting. These by attaching lamps where the headlights would be. Or make a license plate with the child’s name. If you want to create a whole “truck”, in connection four pieces of decorated plywood around the bed create a rectangular frame.

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Make headboard floor length and cut out “tires” on the sides. The bed must sit at least five inches above the top of the truck frame to avoid damage. If you place the twin car bed in the middle of the room or in the middle of a wall, a matching toy can boxed or shed serve as the “hood” of the truck. Remember, never leave an unattended tool or allow children to operate them. And large paint properly.

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