Toddler Twin Bed Option

Toddler twin bed – In five or six years, you get from a three-in-one baby cot. Removes the side rail, converts the bed to a toddler bed. As the toddler gets older and higher, you have the ability to convert the toddler bed to a daybed. Although you probably use the cot mattress for the toddler bed, you may need to buy a new mattress for the daybed.

Wood Toddler Twin Bed

Although convertible cots are slightly more expensive than standard cribs, you will eventually save hundreds of dollars. Since you will not have to buy extra beds for the child for a number of years. Many parents report that the transition from cot to a “big boy” bed is easier. Since the converted toddler bed is best famous for the child. Conversion from cot to toddler twin bed and later daybed is usually quite easy.

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Another option is by using ikea product. IKEA is a furniture manufacturing company that has shops across Europe and the United States. Many pieces of furniture, such as the Leksvik twin toddler bed, require home fitting. Some Ikea department stores have employees who want to put furniture together for you. However, if you mount the toddler twin bed on your own, follow the instructions carefully. Of course, these to ensure that it are properly assembled and will be safe for your child to sleep in.

12 Toddler Twin Bed Option Photos