Low Profile Platform Sleigh Bed

Platform sleigh bed – In the bedrooms, the bed can be the central element of a design scheme. Larger beds, however, can dominate smaller rooms. Especially when using a bed frame, spring mattress or foundation, and mattress, the effect can be overwhelming. In the design of contemporary furniture, this has been approached with the low profile bed.

Tufted Platform Sleigh Bed

Many types of platform sleigh bed are low profile. And since the mattress tends to sit directly on the platform, the bed is much smaller. There is higher platform sleigh bed, but those that sit a few inches from the ground would considered low profile. Platform beds can have some design details and may even lack a headboard and / or a footboard. Platform sleigh bed is low on the floor and contemporary in their appearance. The beds are an elegant design for a modern decoration.

Platform sleigh bed is a modern aspect of a contemporary bedroom. The size of a bedroom is a consideration when choosing the type of furniture that will work in the space. However, platform beds are a good choice for a smaller bedroom that can seem cluttered with bulky furniture. These platform beds are elegant, close to the floor, and solve many of the problems in a smaller sized room.

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12 Low Profile Platform Sleigh Bed Photos