Guide On Make A Queen Size Wood Bed Frame

Queen size wood bed frame – Starting with measure the size of the bed frame that you will build. Make sure you have enough space in the bedroom for the frame, leaving enough room for other furniture.  Next, buy supplies that will needed in the hardware store. You need a hand saw or electric saw, an electric or manual drill, hammer, plywood. Also a sawn timber, nails, wood screws, paper, sand, stain (optional) and paint.

Rustic Queen Size Wood Bed Frame

Cut the plywood and timber according to your own queen size wood bed frame measurements. Do not cut wood if you are unsure of your measurements. So, check twice if the measurements are correct and then proceed to cutting. Remember to take into account when measuring the size of the mattress. It should perfectly fit the bed frame. If you have all the parts to cut depending on their correct measurements, you can nailed and screw each part to complete the project.

Look at the picture on how to assemble a queen size wood bed frame. And continue hammering nails and screws one by one. Once the bed frame is done, you can choose to paint it with the color you want. Or you can apply a stain of wood or varnish to preserve and improve the appearance of the wood. Dry out the paint or wood stain. Leave the fragrance go away before putting on the mattress, another scent of paint or varnish will stick to the sheet mattress and bed. So, the end.

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