Cherry Sleigh Bed: An Oasis Of Peace

Cherry sleigh bed – The cherry sleigh bed is a great classic, whose charm has gone through the passage of time and the succession of fashions and trends. How many times, especially at the end of a long winter day, when the city is cloaked in a gray haze, do we feel a pressing need for warmth? There must be a house at least one room in which to find themselves. Including cuddling and tenderness with their partner. A place where you can daydream in peace on the next holiday.

Whitmore Cherry Sleigh Bed

The cherry sleigh bed finds exactly what comfort there he wants after a very important meeting. Or also a particularly demanding afternoon. Here, furniture and furnishing accessories in cherry solid wood with extraordinarily elegant veins will envelop you in a warm, restorative embrace. It will pervade you feeling of pure well-being and the outside world. With its chaotic rhythms, will become a distant memory.

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Spread on your cherry sleigh bed in simple white sheets in raw linen. These to combine perhaps with quilts and bedspreads plain amaranth, pearl gray or goose beak. Combining a few colors and avoiding flashy patterns, you will in fact enhance the beauty of wood. The quality of cherry wood furniture is its extreme versatility. With the same furniture and furnishing accessories you can furnish a double bedroom with a Mediterranean flavor. As well as a sleeping area with an atmosphere similar to that of an alpine chalet.

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