Build Your Own King Size Sleigh Bed

King Size Sleigh Bed – Buy a new solid wood king size sleigh bed can cost a lot of money. Building a kind of king sled bed itself will save a considerable amount of money. And become a treasured heirloom that will be appreciated for years. Build own a sleigh bed can create a look at the bedroom that is classic, elegant and incredibly modern.

Carved King Size Sleigh Bed

As you would like, instead of being content with a design that may not be exactly what you wishes. Another advantage of building your own king size sleigh bed is that you can make it as detailed. Building a king size sleigh bed takes the same basic principles that any other wood working project does, in addition to a good deal of patience and attention to detail.

The key to building a large leather bed is to start with a pattern for a king sleigh bed and there are more available online. Although not everyone will be specific to a king size, simply adjustment measurements will give you what you need. A king size mattress is 76 x 80 inches. So, if you have tools and are daring enough to try it, why not build king size sleigh bed yourself.

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12 Build Your Own King Size Sleigh Bed Photos